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Don McGreal


Don was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, but spent most of his childhood overseas in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. His parents, both from Ireland, loved to travel and experience different things, and they dragged the kids along for the ride. Don returned to Canada as a teenager, living in Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland, and finally New Brunswick, where he graduated high school and college. In 2000, after trying his hand at graphic design, web design, programming, teaching, and creating software startups, Don moved to Dallas, TX. After having been to over 40 countries, he seems to have finally settled down in Dallas, where he met his beautiful wife, made some lifelong friends, and found work that he really enjoys.

Don’s childhood has played a big role in what he does today. Being a consultant and instructor in a field that is as unpredictable as software engineering is a perfect fit for someone who is used to change and loves to learn. Don is especially excited about discovering Agile and Lean software development which reflect the values that he has been promoting for years: communication, collaboration, reducing waste, embracing change and adapting to it.


  • 15+ years producing enterprise software as: Process Coach, Mentor, Architect, Developer, Business Analyst.
  • Authored and taught classes in requirements, architecture, design, and process for thousands of software professionals around the globe.
  • Certified ScrumMaster & Certified Scrum Practitioner.
  • Professional Scrum Master Trainer
  • Co-founder of, a collection of games for accelerating the adoption of Agile principles.
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